About me

It all started with a dream in childhood. I dreamed that I was typing professionally with a keyboard. I
always thought about that dream and wanted to be a computer engineer one day. I bought my first computer in
2006, I was very happy about it and always ran home after school.

I also had a computer training book that I spent day and night reading and learning about Photoshop and
other computer basics. Middle school was over and it was high school and time to select a field, Because of
my laziness and my interest in computers, I failed my exams and had to take compensatory classes, Studying
and prolonging the high school enrollment filled the school’s enrollment capacity for the computer field.

I spent two years of my life in the electrical field. It was in my third year that I decided to give up
electrical field and go back to my second year of high school and pursue a degree in computer graphics and
succeeding in college and software engineering with very good grades.

As time went by, I learned to work with WordPress and web design, and after hiring in a small company, I
decided to drop out of college. The company was doing projects for another company based in New Zealand and
overtime I was able to become a Front-end developer, I also got to do some back-end coding involve with C#
and PHP, it took years for me to improve my skills and
currently working for a larger company called Demis.

So far, I have achieved my dreams, I hope you can reach your dreams too.